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Andrew spent the majority of his teenage years developing an keen understanding of the human body and mind as tools to overcome bullying.  These newfound skills gave him the ability to excel in many areas of his life.  After studying Kinesiology and physics in university, he arrived home to his mother who had fallen ill and was bedridden.  This prompted him to study natural healing and assisted his mother in her full recovery while supporting the rest of his family, friends and pets.  

In his early 20's Andrew got introduced to sales after being told his personality would suit the business world.  He was introduced to retail sales and within a short period of time was recognized as a leader across Canada, then later moved into freight sales and was part of a mutiple award winning team.  It was then that he decided to finally take on the family business in the automotive industry. By increasing their product line up and relationships it opened up many doors and grew their sales.  It was during this time that he also ran a clean living company which offered a variety of wellness goods/services both online and at conventions.

In his early 30's he had a near death experience associated with his breathing, digestion and autoimmunity which lead him to study functional medicine.  He jumped into training of all kinds, from the Buteyko breathing method, Chinese medical chi gong and decided to become certified as a Holistic Lifestyle Consultant at the CHEK Institute as well as a Certified Health Coach specializing in habits.  After fully recovering from his illness, he set out on a mission to figure out how he could then create the life he had always wanted.   It was then that he was introduced to High Performance.

Wanting to find a way to help others achieve heightened levels of energy, clarity, necessity, courage, productivity and influence he became a Certified High Performance Coach under the training of Brendon Burchard. 

Today, Andrew coaches and consults with individuals and businesses in transformational health and high performance.  Let him take you through the 12 step process so YOU can transform YOUR life in 90 days or less!
Andrew's background is in kinesiology/physics, functional medicine, lifestyle/clean living, Buteyko breathing and corporate excellence. He has explored optimal health and the challenges associated with living a charged life in our modern world. 

He's on a mission to help those who are simply surviving to live a more passionate and joyful life.  

Let Andrew walk you through the 12 step process so YOU can transform YOUR life in 90 days or less!
High Performance is no longer a matter of luck, genetics or reserved for the world's elite.  Now a proven science, high performance is something that everyone can learn.  By mastering the 6 levers of high performance you'll achieve significant positive transformations in both your personal and professional life.  

Energy, Clarity, Influence, Courage, Productivity & Necessity have been proven to be the High Performance levers that unlock your true potential.

Certified High Performance Coaching is the world's top coaching system that allows you access to your next level in 90 days or less through a revolutionary 12-step process.
What others are saying....
"I've always been an achiever, but that often meant putting in more hours and pushing the boundaries to exhaustion. Andrew's training, experience and perception positioned him to effectively help me identify my truths. His high performance approach has given me profound insights that are making a significant impact to both my personal and business life. Reaching sustained high performance can be difficult but with Andrew's support, it's not only possible but exciting. 
 Thank you!"
S. D.
Business Owner
"Andrew is a highly driven individual who takes it to the next level like there’s no other option. I have witnessed this time and time again over the years while knowing Andrew and have now personally experienced this through High Performance Coaching. In the last 10 years I have not experienced higher levels of sustained productivity, potential and the inspiration to follow my path than I have since I've Become A High Performer. I hope you too have the opportunity to work with Andrew and take it to YOUR next level!"
A. A.
Body Mechanic & Enhancement Coach
"I started working with Andrew when I was feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of switching careers and starting a new business.  Working with a coach who asks the right questions has impacted my entire life.  From increased levels of confidence, health and relationships, this has truly been transformative.  Not only has my energy increased, I also feel more clear about my goals and how to use my strengths to achieve them.  I always look forward to my inspiring and fun coaching sessions with Andrew!"
S. C.
Nurse & Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist
Jessica Santonato
Relationship & Sex Coach
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